Lost in transmission

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After a year and a half of Pandemic, Delta variant, lockdowns and everything that came with it, we now seem to be regaining an appearance of normality. But the digital transformation that we went through in 2020 probably changed us and the way we communicate forever. It would be more correct to talk about an evolution rather than a transformation: something that cannot go back to a previous stage. 

Digital communication is the reality of many industries today, and for those, like us, that operate in the sector of public relations, the imprint of digital communication is everywhere.

But one question we have been reflecting on is… is this a good thing?

The number of platforms and methods for communicating online is increasing nowadays and we are all present and connect to more than one social platform, more than one communication platform, more than one texting platform and in a society in which to be connected is almost synonymous with being alive (FOMO teaching), it is starting to become too much. 

As experts in this field, long before these “digital days”, we understand the importance of the channels to transmit a message but most of all, we have always focused our attention on the message itself and on its safe delivery. 

When we say “safe delivery” what we mean is ensuring information arrives following three simple rules: be clear, be fast, and get delivered.

Clear – the right platform at the right time

With all the choices we have today, we must remind ourselves of the importance of choosing the most appropriate channel to convey the message. In order to be effective and clear in what we say, using the right platform can be fundamental in digital communication.

Video calls are nice, and saved us in a moment where the only way to see someone outside our home was through a screen, but now we have to remember that sometimes an email or a simple phone call can be better, can get us to say what we want in less time, clearly and without the emotional load we have now assigned to a video conference.

Fast – but remember, the fastest way is not always the shortest way

The message needs to arrive as soon as possible. 

Like on a highway, going fast can seem the right way to achieve our goals first, but being safe is almost as important as being fast. We need to remember this today, when we jump from Zoom to Teams or use means of communication often used for private purposes, such as WhatsApp, to convey business messages based on the assumption that they are ‘faster’. 

Following institutional channels (like email), even if slower, can help your message arrive sooner. 

Delivered – because sometimes, less is more

Most important for a message, regardless of everything else, is that it must be delivered. Choosing a channel and sticking to it can help avoid confusion around the use of different platforms that have different rules and structures, avoiding the risk that messages do not arrive effectively… 

…or do not arrive at all.

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